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Where do I find an instructions manual?

    X-Sport Static Pole - 2014 Version (in English)
    X-Pert Spinning Pole - 2014 Version (in English)
    Pro X-Pert Spinning Pole 2018
    X-Stage/X-Stage Lite (in English)
    A-Frame (in Englisch)

How do I install my X-Pole?

For those who like to watch and learn from others how to install an X-Pole, we have posted two videos.

Video: How to install the X-Sport Static Dance Pole


Video: How to install the X-Pert Spinning Pole

Static or spinning poles?

Static Poles are best suited for beginners and intermediate dancers, because due to simpler technology they are cheaper.  Spinning poles are the best choice for internediate and advanced dancers and everyone who is committed to pole dancing. The spinning poles sold here can be switched between static and spining. Therefore they are more universally usable. When spinning quickly, centrifugal and forces and acceleration occur on spinning poles, which beginners may have to get used to.

Should I get a pole with 40mm, 45mm or 50mm diameter?

Narrower poles such as the 40mm and 45mm are good for people with smaller hands. The 45mm is currently the compeition standard. The 50mm is the original pole size and provides more surface area for more grip and better hold. The 50mm is also more effective for people with larger hand span. However, the decision should mostly depend on which pole diameters you are used to and what your local pole studio is using. It is not difficult to switch between poles of different thickness.

Free standing or poles with ceiling connectors?

Free standing poles have the fewest restrictions on where they can be used. They do not need a ceiling and stand on a broad base that makes them stable. These dancing poles are built for maximum flexibility in use and therefore are best for professional dancers who bring their own pole and have to be prepared for all environments. All our free standing poles can be switched between spinning and static. The stage poles are available with a higher stage (the X-Stage) to be more prominent or with a lower stage (X-Stage Lite), which slightly increases the usable length of the pole, is more transportable and is easier for stepping on and off the stage.

What type of pole should I get?

Silicone-coated poles provide maximum grip and are suitable for people who need to perform or dance with long trousers and long-sleeve tops. You will have good grip on this pole no matter what you have on.

Powder-coated poles are good for people with allergies to any metals or nickel. It provides in most cases better grip than metal poles, but watch out if you sweat a lot or work in very humid conditions. Then, this pole will probably be slippery due to the moisture on your hands and skin. Powder-coated poles are recommended where the climate is cooler and drier. It is not recommended for people with hyperhidrosis.

Brass poles are made of solid brass tubes with a high-polished finish. Brass is a soft porous metal which can absorb the oils in the skin. This pole provides a very good grip and is recommended for people with sweaty hands and oily skin.

The Titanium-Gold pole is made of steel which is finished with a titanium-gold electronic plating for the gold colour. It provides an enhanced grip. The gold color will fade with use. However, the grip strength will remain the same throughout its lifetime.

The chrome pole is the industry standard. It is the most popular and commonly purchased pole. It is used in most studios and poledance competitions. The chrome pole is also the most affordable pole finish and provides a regular and standard grip. The chromium plating contains nickel and therefore is not suitable for people with nickel allergy.

The stainless steel pole is made of pure stainless steel tubing, with a high polished stainless steel finish. This is a very strong metal, is weather-resistant, and is best for those with sensitive or hypoallergenic skin. The stainless steel pole provides standard grip, however is known to be less grippy than a chrome pole.

Other factors influencing the pole purchasing decision are personal tastes in colour choice and the poledance studio where you regularly do your training.

How do I determine which version of XPole I have?

You can easily determine the version of your X-Pole by looking at the X-Joint. If the pin in the middle is circular, it is an XX version (pre-2014). If the pin is long and oval, it is the current 2014 version, NX.

Are floor and ceiling damaged by the pole?

The ceiling and floor plates do not require drilling into the support areas the install the pole. The silicone contact pads on the plates prevents scratching the contact areas of the pole. If you have woodchip wallpaper on the ceiling a ring-shaped imprint can be left due to the pressure of the pole. This is similar to the imprints furniture can leave on carpet. The pole can be placed on any surface and will leave no traces if the silicone pad is clean and undamaged.

Are there any floors or ceilings that are unsuitable for dancing poles?

The most universal X-Poles are the X-Stage and Stage X-Lite. They do not need a ceiling at all and can stand on all reasonably level surfaces. The X-Sport and X-Pert cannot be installed under a suspended ceiling like the panels often used in offices. If you have such a suspended ceiling, you can make a hole in the suspended ceiling and install the pole at the real ceiling above, if this one is reasonably stable. In order to keep the hole in the suspended ceiling small or if the ceiling is not level a block mount can be used to securely screw the pole into the ceiling. With a block mount, the X-sports and X-Pert also be installed under a beam. Through the silicone pads on the floor and ceiling plate the X-poles stand securely on almost all floors and surfaces.

Which extensions do I need?


Simply substract 2,235m from your ceiling height and use the longest pole that is still shorter than the number you've calculated. Then double check adding 2,745m to the length of the pole extension you have picked. If the result is higher than your ceiling height the extension should be right for you. If If this is too complicated, just use the following charts:

     X-pole Pro XPert Pole Height Chart

     X-pole XPert Pole Height Chart

     X-Pole Sport Pole Height Chart

     Lupit Pole Height Chart

They also tell you how to set up your pole according to ceiling height.

How long can I extend my pole?

X-Poles can be extended up to 3.35m (=132'' or 11'). When choosing an extension, the pole becomes more stable if the extended pole is at the lower end of its reach, because the height adjuster screw is not needed as much to make up for missing extension length. Also you should try to use the smallest number of extensions possible to reduce the number of joints. If you need to extend the pole above 3.35m you should use additional support. On way to increase the stability of long poles is to use the block mounts and screw the pole into the ceiling securely.

Can I shorten my pole dance pole?

In the Pro X-Pert, X-Pert, and X-Sport Pole Set the B-Pole (included in the standard set) can be replaced by a pole extension in order to shorten the pole. The B-Pole is 110,5cm long for the X-Sport and Pro X-Pert and it is 102cm long for the X-Pert. The table below shows all the lengths that can be constructed using the pole extensions.

Extension Possible Ceiling Heights Pro X-Pert Possible Ceiling Heights X-Pert/X-Sport
  in part without
using the B-Pole
using the
in part without
using the B-Pole
using the
none 1,160m - 1,655m 2,260m - 2,755m 1,215m - 1,755m 2,235m - 2,745m
1m 2,160m - 2,755m 3,255m - 3,630m*(3,38m) 2,214m - 2,745m 3,235m - 3,620m*
0,75m / 75cm 1,91m - 2,755m 3,005m - 3,380m 1,965m - 2,745m 2,985m - 3,375m
0,50m / 50cm 1,660m - 2,150m 2,260m - 3,130m 1,715m - 2,229m 2,235m - 3,120m
0,25m / 25cm 1,410m - 1,900m 2,26m - 2,880m 1,465m - 1,979m 2,235m - 2,870m

* The official maximum ceiling height of standard X-Poles is 3.37m. Using it above that height is at own risk and the pole should be at least be screwed to the ceiling using a block mount to avoid the pole from falling.

The poles of the X-Stage and Stage X-Lite consist of two parts, which are each 1.50 m long. If you take off the upper part and use an extension instead, you can shorten the pole to different lengths starting from 1.50m.

How strong is an X-Pole?

The maximum load of a dancing pole depends on how it is installed (using block mounts or ceiling plates) and what type of floor and ceiling you have. A properly installed x-pole should normally be able to easily hold a dancer of 115kg weight. Of course, this doesn't mean, that a tackle of a rugby player from the side, which induces much higher horizontal forces can be held as easily. To ensure maximum safety, check your pole regularly.

How long does it take to install a pole?

The first assembly will take about 10 minutes because you will have to measure your ceiling height to determine which length you need. Afterwards it will take you about 3-5min to set it up.

How do I clean my X-pole?

Simple glass cleaner from the supermarket is enough. Spray the pole and wipe afterwards with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you may use any strong alcohol, like in some baby wipes.

Silicone poles can be cleaned with warm soap water.

How do I store my X-Pole?

X-Poles are made ​​of steel with a coating of chrome or titanium gold to ensure a better grip. Since steel can rust, all X-Poles, and all coated steel poles should be stored in a dry environment because moisture could get under the chrome layer and rust the steel which may break the coating. Stainless steel pole are not moisture sensitive and are therefore used in rooms with higher humidity - e.g. Nightclubs. A coated pole (like an X-Pole) should not be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, since the metal may expand differently in the coating than the underlying steel when the temperature changes causing the coating to break. Poles should also be cleaned thoroughly before putting them into storage so that residue of sweat, grips and lotions does not damage the coating.

What can I do to prevent injuries?


We recommend not to wear any jewelry or piercings while pole dancing, because they can get stuck between the dancing pole and the body. In order to make falling safer and less painful, we have thick Pole Dance Crash Mats on offer in our Pole Dancing Accessories section.

My X-Joint has moved in a way that I cannot put the hex key into the hole anymore.How do I dismount  this joint?

This problem generally occurs because the X-joints have not been maintained. This means that they have not been tightened on a regular basis so when the pole is used the X-joint can start to loosen and the sideways movement can turn the X-joint inside the pole. We recommend in the manual tightening the X-joints every “half an hour or after heavy use”.

The adjuster cover of my X-Pole cannot be moved. What can I do?

The adjuster screws may be screwed in too tightly, which affects the adjuster cover. Unscrew the adjuster screws and try again. It should be easy now..

I have a very old X-Pert pole dancing pole with a ball joint. Do the modern extensions fit this pole?

Unfortunately, the new extensions no longer fit with the very old X-pert X-pole with ball joint.


It is very important that you measure your room height before you order. Check which extensions you need (if any are required). The standard X-Pole sets can be adjusted in length from 2235mm (7'4" or 88") to 2745m (9' 108").

If you have any questions regarding your ceiling height, technical requirements or what to order please call us at +49 (0) 30 - 311 982 06. Your Poleshop-Team is here to help.


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