Mighty Grip Poletice

Mighty Grip Poletice

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The best solution for pole dancers who suffer from very sweaty hands and body. Mighty Grip Poletice (formerly Dirty Girl Poletice) hand mask is a safe, natural alternative that WORKS and recommended for hyperhydrosis (heavy perspiration). This product is 100% natural and contains only mineralized water and naturally organic silica.

100% Natural Ingredients: 

Mineralized Water
Naturally Organic Silica
Small Amounts of Various Trace Minerals (due to the nature of DGP, this can vary batch to batch)

No Parabens
No Alchohol
No Preservatives
No Aluminium Zirconium
No Fragrance
No Dyes
No Artificial Anything

How to use:
It's easy! Unlike other products, you do NOT leave this on, you take it off, then go about your day!

Stored in powder form:

  •     Wash your hands with a non moisturizing soap, leave slightly wet.
  •     Sprinkle or scoop a little powder (shake the jar first to mix ingredients) into wet hands.
  •     Rub into a mud gently.
  •     Let dry until COMPLETELY WHITE.
  •     Rinse with water and dry hands.

Stored mixed with water in a mud form:

  •     Wash your hands with a non-moisturizing soap, dry with towel.
  •     Scoop about a small amount into palm (more if needed).
  •     Just like a face mask gently spread on skin where needed.
  •     Let dry until COMPLETELY WHITE.
  •     Rinse with water and dry hands. 

Please view the video to learn how to apply Poletice properly.


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