Gaby Leggings - Mika Yoga Wear
Gaby Leggings - Mika Yoga Wear

Gaby Leggings - Mika Yoga Wear

articolo n.: GABY

65,95 EUR

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Tempo di spedizione: 3-4 Giorni

Colour & Size:

Long, lean, super-flattering, comfortable, and perfect for everything.The Gabby pants features a new added scrunch on the bottom for a playful and fun look. Wear it with the bottom around your ankles, or wrap it around your heel. Made for high-impact and high-performance dance, yoga, and other fun activities cool chicks do.

Fabric: Perfit

Designed for: Pole fitness, yoga, aerial dance

Care: Wash with like colors.  For best results, hang dry, or tumble low. Do not wash with towels

Inseam: 72.4 cm

Activity level: best for low to high intensity

Flat Seams to avoid chafing

Size chart: 

Gabby Leggings
Size 34 36 38 40

Waist cm

61-66 67-70 71-77 78-86
Hip cm 66-79 80-91 92-99 100-105
Hip/Drop waist cm 84-93 94-98 98-102 102-104
Inseam of leggings- lining cm 91,44 91,44 91,44 91,44


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