Nala Hoodie - Mika Yoga Wear
Nala Hoodie - Mika Yoga Wear

Nala Hoodie - Mika Yoga Wear

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Versatile sweater-wrap top. Poledance in it... run in in it...just look good in it!  Add the Nala hoodie as a stylish accessory to your daily wardrobe or nighttime-fun attire, or use it as a warm-up for your routine!  Rock this versatile piece on the dance floor,  flare it up with some pump-up kicks;  use it as a warm-up wrap, or make this one of your staple after workout pieces.

Fabric: Perfit

Care: Wash with like colors.  For best results, hang dry, or tumble low. Do not wash with towels.

Designed for: Looking good for practically everything!

Adjustable ties to wrap-tie-and-go.

Flattering neckline collar that doubles as a hoodie.

Handy thumb holes at the cuffs.


  1. Leave it open in the front and fasten the ties in the back.
  2. Wrap and cross ties around the waist for a more secure, fitted, and flattering look
  3. Tie it in the front and wrap and fasten around the back for an ultimate secure fit

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