Zero Point Aerial Hoop

Zero Point Aerial Hoop

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Aerial hoops, also known as aerial rings or lyras, are a classic aerial circus performance props. The zero point hoop is made from premium grade steel with a black matt finish and come in a variety of sizes.

This aerial hoop has no attachment points. The benefit is aesthetic - you get a nice circle with no bits (rigging points) sticking out from it.

All sizes are EXTERNAL diameters.

Tube diameter 25.4mm

** All sizes refer to the EXTERNAL diameter. The internal diameter is 5cm less than the external diameter.

** Due to the lack of rigging points, the extra tough powder coating applied misses 2 spots where it needs to be hung from. These spots are covered with a permanent sticker. This sticker is not to be removed, and neither the sticker or the 2 uncoated spots are signs of damage and will not affect the hoop's use.


Aerial Hoop Zero Point

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